About L4

An independent investment fund that will select projects in which B3 will have equity participation in sectors with high growth potential.

"The L4 Venture Builder will operate as an independent structure, with a flexible format to develop its businesses, and may even operate in areas in which B3 is already working" says Gilson Finkelstein, CEO of B3.

"The idea is that the fund will invest more in Venture Building, but also in Corporate Venture Capital. Our forecast is that the first investment in startups will take place in 2022.

The creation of L4 Venture Builder continues B3's strategy of innovation in its core business and growth on other fronts. "This new fund was created with the vision of further accelerating the innovation that already takes place within B3, demonstrating that the company is serious about the challenge of anticipating trends and offering great solutions to the market. I hope that L4 Venture Builder can add cadence and strength to this trajectory, at a time when the world is going through so many transformations arising from new technologies", says Juca Andrade, B3's vice president of Products and Clients.

For the full press release issued at the launch of L4 Venture Builder, please click here.


Our Team

Profile photo of Pedro Meduna, on a jagged yellow background.
Pedro Meduna
One of the co-founders of L4 Venture Builder, Pedro Meduna started his career working with strategic consulting at Bain and private equity investments at TMG Capital. More recently, he has been involved in different new businesses in the mobility, financial services and construction material sectors, where he has acted either as co-founder or as part of the executive team of companies such as Tripda (Rocket Internet and Insight Venture Partners), Cabify (Rakuten) and Juntos Somos Mais (Votorantim, Gerdau and Tigre).
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