Introducing L4 Venture Builder

by Pedro Meduna, São Paulo, 31 May 2022
May 31, 2022

In May 2022, B3 announced the creation of an innovation fund called L4 Venture Builder. Avoiding for a moment the well-known market jargons such as Venture Building, Corporate VC, JVs, acquihiring, etc. - the fund is born with a vision to invest in projects with immense potential in areas adjacent to the Exchange's core business.

Over time it is possible that the fund will also invest in areas where the Exchange already operates in one way or another, believing that innovations for our Brazilian market can come from both inside and outside.

The fund starts with R$ 600mm of committed capital, having B3 as its sole investor and a five-year term for investment. The fund will have enough flexibility to be passive investor or controller of its investment thesis and will work to empower entrepreneurs that through technology and credibility bring innovation to our country.

May was also a month that either for personal or professional reasons, I had the chance to visit Omaha (Nebraska) and San Francisco (California) to visit both the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting and the Brazil @ Silicon Valley conference... Listening and learning directly from brilliant minds it is undeniable that the world is going through a moment of instability with geopolitical tensions, high inflation and consequent increase in interest rates and still low predictability. It is on the other hand a unique moment to work and support amazing teams. Super excited about the challenge and the years ahead!

Stay tunned!
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ps2: if you have shared a project, please expect a certain delay in the response as we are still digesting all the messages that came with the launch

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